How to achieve sales goals with a sales app.

How to achieve sales goals with a sales app.
AutorŁukasz ZielonkaMaj, 2022

Everyday life of each of us involves the use of mobile applications. Popularity of programs installed on smartphones is reaching record results and displacing other channels of contact, obtaining information, or shopping. Applications created by companies are increasingly successful. However, the potential of applications is often not fully exploited.

How to use the full possibilities offered by sales apps?

The increase in sales by using an app is influenced by the ease of using it. Phones accompany us all day long. Your clients use them in the same way. 

How does having a phone by a customer affect sales results?

The answer is the moment when a purchase need arises. Thanks to the app on the phone, your customers always have access to your offer. This means that they can order at any place and time. This way of fulfilling a purchase need is a revolution that is already underway.

A website forces your audience to use a computer. Alternatively, customers can make a purchase on a mobile site, but these are not as convenient and adapted to be used on smartphone screens.

How do you maximize the availability of your offerings on customers' phones?

Branding boosts in-app sales

Customers like what they can easily see. The principle of accessibility, working in the context of a sales app, is an incomparable business advantage. An average phone user looks at their screen every 12 minutes, performs 2,500 touches and spends about 2 hours and 43 minutes in front of it. No other communication channel provides such exposure for your brand. What's more! These are the views of users who belong directly to your target group!

The application on the customer's phone is not only a sales support, but above all, it is a crushing advantage over the competition.

Personalization drives sales apps

Mobile apps offer a wide range of functionality. This allows you to personalize the user experience. A customized experience will always strike a chord with the viewer. This translates directly into increased conversions.

With a sales app, you provide your customers with the ability to personalize and customize your product to individual preferences. Marketing already knows that personalization is the force that spurs sales. In this case, it's more than providing personalized products.

It's also about analytics. Information about products chosen, options, or customer feedback itself allows you to better customize your offerings. Developing products in the direction set by your customers is a strategy that guarantees success.

Comprehensive service delivery

The concept of comprehensive service delivery has evolved over time. Today it is not only about providing customers with quality service including comprehensive support in the realized scope. It also means providing the recipient with appropriate knowledge, information, and possibility of independent interaction with the product or brand.

A mobile application is another element of comprehensive customer service.

Sales app is a marketing support

Making sales is one of the tasks of a mobile app. However, marketing is responsible for delivering audiences and customers for your business. Easy integration with marketing platforms and social media allows you to provide key information for marketing.

Using social media in the context of a sales app also takes on a whole different dimension. It allows their place in the marketing funnel to start expanding into the next steps. Plan your social media placement and support well with your app.

Sales app builds loyalty

A critical aspect of business is building brand loyalty. By doing so, customers are more likely to return to purchasing on a regular basis. However, not every business uses a great tool like a mobile app for this purpose.

Through the sales app, you will create the impression that you are personally responding to your customer's current situation. You'll provide personalized offers and promotions and create a UX that your customers will want to return to.

Think of the potential that is very close to the customer: the app can support a loyalty system that will encourage your customers to buy again.

A mobile app allows you to deliver personalized offers to your customers depending on where they are.

Direct marketing in a sales app

A tool that allows you to communicate directly to your audience, on top of that it allows you to analyze data and interact directly with users. Yes, it's a sales app.

Create personalized messages and announce promotions for selected types of customers, e.g. those using only a mobile or those in a specific location. The application allows you to send push notifications, which are a very effective channel of contact with your customers. Good mailing campaigns have an open rate of 30%, while push notifications can reach 90%.

Such a result and a personalized offer are a simple way to increase sales results.

Sales app vs. customer value

The primary goal of creating a mobile app is to increase the level of customer interaction with your brand. The possibility of two-way communication on different levels allows building a sense of influence on the development of the brand, which is a great value for the customer.

This approach translates into customer loyalty. In the aftermath, you will reach out to new customers, for example, by creating a referral program.

Can a sales app improve your company's performance?

Definitely yes. Apps have a multitude of ways to increase sales and support marketing. Just consider which ones will be the best fit for your business.

What to do next...

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