Mobile application ideas for enterprises.

Mobile application ideas for enterprises.
AutorKamil GrzejekMaj, 2022

The functionality of mobile apps is making them increasingly used in the business environment. With mobile apps, you literally have business in your pocket. How can apps support your business departments and improve their operations? Here's a breakdown of ideas for using mobile apps for enterprise.

HR applications

HR is the perfect space to optimize with mobile apps. They will help you speed up processes and make basic tasks easier.

Onboarding app

New people in the company need time to find themselves in the new reality. This time can be significantly shortened by using an onboarding app. Depending on the situation in the company, you can conduct training or provide necessary information.

Use the training platform for effective onboarding. Thanks to it, you will not only speed up the implementation of new people, but also train regular employees in new competences.

Application for travel booking

Automating the process of booking travel and making travel changes is a significant time saver. Business trips are becoming more and more frequent and organizing them takes time that can be successfully spent on tasks.

Application for expense reporting

Finances in a company - one of the most important aspects of business. Recall the last "mill" at work. Was it easy for you to still think about transferring and ongoing reporting?

A simple way to automate the expense process is to create an app dedicated to this purpose.

Communication applications

Even in distributed environments where most communication is done over the internet, contact with employees is an essential aspect of running a business. The exchange of thoughts, tasks, information, or opinions takes place hundreds of times a day and affects every element of your business. Therefore, taking care of easy communication is one of the most important challenges managers face.

Create a solution which will be tailored to the specificity of work in your company. This way you will gain the time that is spent on communication.

Direct connections in the application

The biggest challenge is usually contacting people from remote departments. The availability of contact information in the app allows you to quickly schedule a meeting or contact them directly.

It's a simple solution that makes contact very easy and speeds up work.

Application for room booking

Reservation of rooms for meetings is often done through the secretary, where there is a list and a schedule of those signed up for specific rooms. While signing up on the reservation list is not a problem, handing over the date of the meeting often causes confusion. I'm sure you're familiar with the situation where someone was late to a meeting because they thought "it was tomorrow" or got the hours wrong.

Create an app to book meeting rooms and conference rooms. This will solve all the problematic issues related to occupying such a room.

Application error reporting

Often people, not related to the website, marketing, or sales, observe the material available on the internet. Just as often they find mistakes or typos. By providing the ability to report such errors, you care about quality and streamline the process of making corrections.

Internal News App

Why does your company need to inform only externally about the news happening in the company? Nothing stands in the way of informing your colleagues about successes achieved together. It is not only about dry messages about changes taking place in the organization. A brand is built by people, therefore it is worth taking care that everyone knows and understands the communication which is carried out by marketing and sales.

Consistent image of the company builds trust of customers, and trust translates directly into increased sales.

Knowledge of the company in the application

As they operate, people in the company gain experience and gain valuable knowledge. Sharing this knowledge and experience with other teams is extremely important. It is the key to improving the quality of delivered products and services and supporting process optimization.

Knowledge flow is the strength of your company! Make it as easy as possible. We hold a smartphone in our hand almost all the time. Let's use this moment to share knowledge with employees.

Applications for sales

The value of the sales department in the company's structures does not need to be discussed. What should be done, however, is to optimize its work and support sales activities. How do applications help sales?

App with product knowledge

What characterizes every good salesman? Excellent knowledge of the product and service offered. Create an app to develop your salespeople's product knowledge. This will help you gain salesperson effectiveness that will be reflected in your results.

Sales questions

In the sales process, many questions are often asked that require a quick and precise answer. Duplicating the activity of searching for the same question is pointless in every way.

Create an app where salespeople can add questions asked by customers and the best answers. This will save their time in solving questions that have already been solved once. This is an easy way to gain time for your salespeople.

Real-time inventory

Customers expect quick answers. They are used to seeing if a product is on the shelf. Many of them have developed a behavior pattern: there is a product – I buy. There is no product – I look for it at the competitor's. As a result, the effectiveness of sales increases, plus the customer's satisfaction with the contact with the seller increases.

Provide your salespeople with an application, in which they can check the stock or availability of services in real time. Thanks to this, you can easily increase your sales results.

Apps for manufacturing

As you can see above, apps are able to support businesses on various levels. Manufacturing is also a space that can be optimized using apps.

Tracking the location of items in an App

Delays and downtime in manufacturing are unacceptable. Good planning is the solution to support the continuity of the production process. But how to support production planning and management?

Create an application for real-time tracking of location and circulation of items and semi-finished products. Thanks to it, people responsible for production will gain information necessary for effective process planning.

Application for quality control

One of the tasks of any type of production is quality control. It is a process that does not forgive mistakes and must be carried out in accordance with the required patterns. In order to make sure that the quality control is carried out according to the procedure, provide your inspectors with an application containing checklists for all control processes.

With a quality control application you can be sure that the products come out of the production line as expected.

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