Outsourcing Mobile App Development - how to find an app development company?

Outsourcing Mobile App Development - how to find an app development company?
Daniel ParzychMarzec, 2022

For many businesses, creating a mobile app is opening up another channel for direct sales, communication, or customer engagement. The growth of virtual customer contact spaces began with the transition of businesses to e-commerce, but mobile apps offer a completely different level of capability than an online storefront.

Mobile app development is accelerating. You can find just over 2 million apps in the App Store and over 2.5 million in the Play Store. Today, when starting a new project or even starting a new business, a mobile app is one of the integral parts of the plan for growth. A mobile app is one of the most important elements of business development, whether you are starting a new project or building your business from scratch.

So, how do you choose a team of developers to create an app? 

What to pay attention to when choosing a software house? 

How to check potential partners? 

I answer these questions in the article below.

Inhouse vs outsourcing mobile app developers

Despite the mobile application market growing so fast, not many companies choose to design them themselves. This requires an experienced team that knows how to:

  • optimize and create key app features,
  • design the interface so that users can easily use the functions,
  • plan the application development path,
  • design ways to achieve business goals or monetization.

Apart from experience, it is also worth paying attention to the costs of maintaining a development team. A team consisting of several programmers, a project manager, and testers is a large financial outlay. In the context of the project implementation and organization of workstations, an investment in your own team can be disproportionately large to the expected results.

In order to save costs, most often activities related to the maintenance of server infrastructure or organization of helpdesk are undertaken. The group responsible for the implementation of the project itself in most cases is selected by outsourcing programmers.

Advantages of outsourcing

Deciding to outsource, you gain not only the knowledge and experience of the team, but also a package of additional benefits.

Looking for programmers is particularly difficult on the market due to the high demand for specialists and growing conditions related to salaries and benefits. 

What's more, companies implementing projects on commission, much better deal with hiring programmers, because work there is associated with the periodic implementation of new projects. Diversity in the work of programmers is important for their development and motivation, so they are more likely to choose companies with a diverse range of projects.

Finding the right people is also associated with additional costs. 

Services of HR companies are increasingly expensive, and the very process of recruitment and screening of a potential candidate requires cooperation with an experienced specialist.

Another benefit of outsourcing is that you don't have to handle the accounting of individuals.

So how to approach outsourcing mobile app developers?

Outsourcing app developers vs. outsourcing of teams

The very concept of outsourcing in the context of mobile app development can be understood in two ways. An external company can provide you with the time of its programmers or take on the entire project. What is the difference between these two approaches?

Outsourcing app developers

If you have a project team that used to manage software development, you may just need to find a company that is able to provide the time of programmers who are not involved in other projects. Keep in mind, however, that it is then your responsibility to manage the execution of your project. Ideally, the development team should consist of:

  • Product Owner, which is the person responsible for the product vision and development concept,
  • Project Manager, a person who can manage the implementation of IT projects.
  • Testers, although in this case it is also possible to find an external company.

If your team is ready to implement the project, you need to provide it with people who with their knowledge and experience meet the needs of this implementation. 

The advantage of outsourcing developers is certainly lower costs, but it involves taking on more responsibility for the project.

Outsourcing a team of mobile application developers

An external team, responsible for mobile application development, is a completely different type of cooperation than outsourcing developers. On the part of your company, you can delegate a person who knows the vision of the project best - the Product Owner. This person will be responsible for communication and establishing details with the team.

Outsourcing the team means, above all, the security of a well-executed project. Firstly, the responsibility for its execution lies with the team, and secondly, they have knowledge and experience based on creating dozens of applications.

The team's know-how is not only the knowledge about the ways of executing and implementing the function, but also about proper project management, design, and testing. It's additionally the ability to estimate well the time of the project execution and a practical approach to achieving business goals.

The advantage of outsourcing a team that creates mobile applications is the convenience of cooperation, a guarantee of a well-executed project and all the know-how that goes with it. 

How to choose the right partner to create a mobile application?

Choose a potential business partner

To choose the right software house, conduct a kind of evaluation of potential partners. First of all, check:

  • Does it have experience in executing projects in a similar industry, category, or topic. Experienced team of programmers usually have already worked out the ways of realization of some groundwork, which will make the execution of the application simply cheaper and faster.
  • When they are able to start the project and whether they are able to commit the right number of people needed from the start of the project – having the right team is one thing, and their availability within the timeframe you require is a completely separate topic. Talking about resources without specifying project start and delivery dates may cause unpleasant situations during the cooperation. It is good to ask: "ok, you have experience in this technology. Will you have resources in the next month?"
  • Customer reviews – there are portals that professionally collect customer reviews of IT implementations. An example of such a platform is Clutch. If the selected partner has positive reviews there and is highlighted by the platform, it is worth leaving them in the circle of interest.

How to get started?

Start by talking to a representative of the selected company and ask about the workshop, the possibility of conducting it, and its price. This is the first step to a well-executed project. Observe the speed of response to your inquiries and the substantive nature of the contact. If your project is important to the company, you will receive quick and specific information. Don't be afraid to ask directly. This way will help you choose an IT service provider faster.


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