How to develop a mobile app?

How to develop a mobile app?
Kamil GrzejekLuty, 2022

In order to fully answer the question „how to develop a mobile application”, it is necessary to touch upon several aspects related to the process of designing, implementing, and deploying an application. You will learn about it later in this text. The first step is to write down an idea for your app. 

What to do when you already have an idea for an app?

Plan for your mobile app

When creating a mobile app, it is a good idea to start with a detailed description of what you want it to be. At this stage, dissect your idea thoroughly and think about the most important issues related to the work and functions of the app. Answer the questions:

  • What exactly is your application supposed to do?
  • How will it perform its functions?
  • How will it meet user needs?
  • How will you tell clients or investors about it?
  • How will you promote it?

This stage will greatly speed up the future work of creating the application. The more accurate the answers you can provide, the easier the next steps in the process will be and the more likely the project will be successful.

There are also professional methods for initial analysis of the idea – mobile app consulting can prove to be an effective choice. For this purpose, it is best to take the support of a company that deals with the implementation of such projects, as their experience and knowledge will exactly meet your needs.

What can you do to move from your app vision to its implementation?

Workshops: shaping the final result

A well-described app idea is a great introduction to a workshop. During them, you will find answers to key questions about the product. It is worth it to use the support of specialists. Based on their knowledge and experience, you will build a coherent picture of the application and avoid many mistakes of novice developers. 

Business description of the application

The answer to the question of how to develop a mobile app includes not only the technical aspect of the project implementation. It is worth defining: 

  • the idea to meet real user needs;
  • a way to support and fulfill the needs of your business;
  • realistic goals and how to achieve them through functionality.

With a business description, you'll avoid the common mistake of creating an application that doesn't accomplish any goals and has no value to users or the company.

Functional description of the application

With the workshop, you will also create a description of the features of the mobile app. This allows the project manager to accurately describe the design and features of the app to a team of professionals. Moreover, it is a valuable documentation that allows you to put together the idea and the implemented project at any time.

It is at this stage that you plan the user behavior, the next screens of the application, and its exact operation.

Financial aspect

When your idea for a mobile application is already polished, and you have a functional and business description, you can learn about the costs of product development. At the valuation stage you will get to know the approximate cost of creating your mobile application, developers' work rates, and the cost of implementations and integrations.

This allows you to assess whether the cost of creating the app is within your budget. This is also the moment when you will learn how to create a mobile app spreading the cost over a longer period and gaining the most important functionalities.

By creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), your app gains the functionality that is most important to you. An app that makes money is an app that users return to. With more features, the app is attractive to users. That is why MVP leaves the door open for adding new features.

To gain confidence that the application will be successful, determine the MSC before proceeding. This is a criterion that indicates the minimum threshold for the success of the application. This will help you minimize the risk of failure and find out what your app needs to be successful.

Mobile application development process

Mobile application development is a set of tasks that a project manager describes and plans. Pre-prepared documentation helps to establish the course of the implementation process and organize the work in a way that allows it to stick to the established threshold.

The project manager is in touch with you throughout the project, as well as consults and determines the next stages of implementation with you. Thanks to that, the whole process of mobile application creation is under your control.

In which technology to create a mobile application?

Before starting the application development process, you should think about the technology in which it will be made. The project manager will surely suggest the best solutions. The final decision depends on several factors:

  • target platform – users of different mobile systems need separate applications. You can develop for both platforms at the same time, but this carries some limitations;
  • target functionality – some functions require the use of appropriate technologies and libraries. It is worth already at this stage to pre-plan the development of the application so that the technology fits into the future needs.

How to develop a mobile app? — What's next?

When your application is at the stage of finishing development work, it is high time to plan its distribution and promotion among end users. In order for the application to bring the desired results and meet your objectives, it should gain a maximum group of users.

At this stage, think about how you will inform potential users about the availability of your solution. Plan how you will promote and market it, and start implementing it consistently.


Above I have covered the process of creating a mobile app in very general terms. I hope this article answers the question of how to create a mobile app in basic terms and the process is understandable to you.


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