Workshops are a very important stage of the software development process. It is thanks to them that the final business effect which will be created by the program is shaped. Thanks to the workshops the vision takes on real shapes, collected data and analyses take on a form of documentation. The effect which you will obtain thanks to a well conducted workshop is a ready concept of an application described in the form of a compact document.


How do the workshops influence the development of a program?

Software development creates virtually unlimited possibilities, which makes it easy to develop an idea to such an extent that its implementation will be very expensive. With a workshop, you can easily find the specific business needs that the software is supposed to address. The next step is to describe how to solve them effectively, and this is done in several steps.


BRD (Business Requirement Document)

You create the BRD document to concretize the vision. This is to focus on specific business objectives, processes, and how to support or achieve them. Conducted early Consulting, provides information about the needs of the application audience and knowledge about their needs in relation to the application.BRD is crucial to avoid creating solutions that, despite functionality and smooth operation, do not achieve any goals.


The next step is to pass the FRD document to our specialists.


FRD (Functional Requirement Document)

Previously prepared BRD is a starting point for us to create detailed description of your application functionality. Project Manager together with people responsible for technology, describe how the program will work including even very detailed elements.


At this stage the following are used:

  • user demographics,
  • target group behaviour,
  • user needs and goals.


This is the moment when user patterns and stories and application use cases are created.


While creating the FRD document, our Project Manager will involve you and the people involved in the project. This will allow him to thoroughly understand and learn the needs in order to then translate them into functionalities.


What happens after the workshop?

In the next step, the BRD and FRD documentation goes to the people directly responsible for creating the application. They create an internal documentation that in a purely technical way reproduces what is described in the BRD and FRD. Thanks to this the process of creating the application directly relates to your needs.

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